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My European Ritual.

MoMA tree. #nature (at Museum of Modern Art (MoMA))

Archigrams by Michie Cao Game of Phones by Luke Stern and Sam Wander Experience Journal by Hanna Yoon Flight Deck by Aastha Bhargava Glovken by Nga Nguyen Maker's Alphabet by Sneha Pai and Melody Quintana QNSMADE by Amy Wu by Sarah Henry A Memory Between Us by Dami You Taskit Notes by Effy Zhang




We’re getting near the end of the semester, so most of the students launched their projects last week. In just one week, we went from 3 launched projects to 13!

The full range of projects is amazing, running the gamut from productivity tools to community interviews, fashion to books. Check out the full list of launched projects below!

  • Flight Deck by Aastha Bhargava, a deck of cards for aviation enthusiasts about all the instruments in a cockpit.
  • QNSMADE by Amy Wu, a website that celebrates the people and artisans of Queens.
  • A Memory Between Us by Dami You, a postcard set for travel companions. Featured as Kickstarter’s project of the day!
  • Taskit Notes by Effy Zhang, a sticky notepad for individuals or teams to track their time
  • Experience Journal by Hanna Yoon, a notebook for people who want to pay more attention to their surroundings.
  • Mount Thunder by Jeffrey Gochman and Trent Thompson, a high-quality purveyor of video game-inspired posters.
  • Game of Phones by Luke Stern and Sam Wander, a card game for smartphones and their users.
  • Maker’s Alphabet by Melody Quintana and Sneha Pai, an illustrated book about all the things you can make.
  • Archigrams by Michie Cao, a set of flashcards and posters that introduce famous buildings in a minimalist style.
  • The Upstanding Desk by Mikey Chen and Sam Carmichael, an adjustable converter for turning your normal desk into a standing desk.
  • Glovken by Nga Nguyen, a lightweight fashion glove for commuters.
  • by Sarah Henry, a collection of step-by-step guides for unique experiences.
  • Geo/Day by Sunnie Sang, a blogazine and Etsy store for geometric inspirations.

The people I get to share my two years with.

This is an amazing collection of work from the first-year SVA IXD grad students. Many of these are in-progress Kickstarter projects so check them out!

Love this course concept! Love these Kickstarter projects!

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Vogue cover from 1930.

“ I don’t know why directors bother setting Shakespeare in different places, on the moon or in a resort. I understand Verona. It’s what they’re saying that I don’t understand. ”

—    David Pasquesi, as paraphrased by Tracy Letts, and what I’ve been telling people since not seeing Baz Luhrmann’s “Romeo + Juliet”

John Dwyer, multitasker. (Photo by Wilson Lee)

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'Every show we do is the biggest we've ever done.' Skrillex

It’s going to be a Skrillex summer.